McGuire Twins

McGuire Twins

Oct 18th 2021

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The world's heaviest twins, Billy & Benny McCrary, aka The McGuire Twins, were once sponsored by Honda Motorcycles for a cross-country 3,000-mi promotional ride between New York and Los Angeles.
The twins made a splash on the sporting scene as tag team wrestlers and

mini-bike riders doing daredevil stunts in cowboy outfits.

Guinness World Records confirmed the McCrarys as the world's heaviest twins in November 1978. Billy tipped the scales at 743lbs and Benny weighed in at 723lbs.
The McGuire Twins as immortalized on Family Guy (left) and The Simpsons (right).
Sadly, in 1979 at the age of 32, Billy died of injuries after a mini-bike stunt gone wrong in Niagara Falls on his way to Ripley's iconic Believe It or Not! Museum in Ontario, Canada. In mourning, Benny erected the world's largest granite gravestone, 13 feet wide and weighing three tons, etched with their beloved mini-bikes, on view today in The Cemetery at Crab Creek Baptist Church outside Hendersonville, North Carolina. Benny himself died of heart failure in 2001, at the age of 54.